Computer Services

At ici Computers, we handle a broad spectrum of computer services for your home or business, from the hardware side to customer software installations.


Custom Built Computers

Optimize your PC! We custom build PCs specific to your needs whether you need high-end gaming computers, servers, media centers or personal workstations. We can provide the specific components that you won't find in boxed PCs from major manufacturers.

Trouble-shoot Hardware Issues

ici's technicians will advise you on the most cost effective path to replace or fix your existing components.

System Upgrades

Sometimes replacing strategic components makes more sense than replacing an entire computer. We can recommend an upgrade solution or quote you on a custom built PC.

Install New Hardware

Our technicians will research, recommend and install new hardware for you ensuring hardware and software compatibility to optimize your computer.

Scope Out and Recommend Security Solutions

Concerned about your networks security? icis certified Sonicwall Security Administrators can analyze your system for potential vulnerabilities, and implement security solutions that will work for you.


Support and Installation of Software

ici's technicians can support both application and proprietary software. Let ici be the middle man between you and the manufacturer.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Does your computer have a bug? Our technicians can eliminate it! We can also make recommendations for virus and spyware prevention.

Windows Vista

Want to upgrade to the latest and greatest software package? icis computer techs will make recommendations regarding newly released software packages, from hardware compatibility issues to the latest updates.


Network Scope Out, Design and Implementation

Moving from a stand alone system to a network? Adding equipment to an existing network environment? ici Computers will consult with you to come up with a cost effective solution to your networking needs.

Servers - Building and Maintenance

ici Computers builds custom servers designed with your network size in mind. We will keep you informed of the latest upgrades to maintain and boost your servers performance.

Trouble-shooting and Maintenance of Entire Networks

We understand that when a network goes down, companies lose invaluable time and money. icis computer techs will quickly and efficiently trouble-shoot your network to ensure that downtime is at a minimum and you can maintain regular operations as soon as possible. We will also provide regular maintenance to your network to prevent down time in the first place.

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