P&C Construction Company

Our recent conversion of accounting software was a success because of ici's concentrated hardware implementation, which allowed us to concentrate on the software.

Since our software conversion, ici continues to improve, expand, and maintain our system, which has allowed our employees the ability to focus on their jobs and leave our I.T. to the experts.

Steve Malany
P&C Construction Company

OHSU/VA Portland, OR

As a laboratory that specializes in functional MRI analysis, we need very specific, high-end hardware in order to do data crunching in a reasonable timeframe. We have purchased over $20k in computers from ici Computers in the past 2 years, and have not been disappointed in the quality and care injected into every transaction. When a DVD drive fails, Cody is here on his motorcycle with a new one in half an hour; when my monitor DVI-in is broken, it is exchanged immediately, no questions asked. My next personal computer will be purchased at ici.

Daniel Schwartz
fMRI Research Associates
OHSU/VA Portland, OR

US Crane

ici has been a life saver many times. I feel confident that every time I call ici, they will be over that day. If it is a major problem, most likely it will be within the next 15 minutes. Never have they let us down with a service issue.

We also buy all our computer equipment through ici. They carry a warranty and will back it up. I can always trust that ici will get me the best product for our needs and budget.

It is nice to have knowledgeable technicians with a great attitude.

Shalin Lopez, Office Manager
Tony Darcy, General Manager


As a small business owner, I have been in need of a responsive, knowledgeable and reasonably priced computer firm. ici has helped me for many years, with a variety of tasks ranging from the more complex(installation involving setting up a server and multi-user software and workstations) to the urgent (troubleshooting the occasional virus or equipment issue). It has also given me peace of mind to know there is a company that I can turn to when I have simple questions, and to get answers promptly and helpfully.

Paula DeVore

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