Wireless Networking

ici provides solutions for high power and long distance wireless networking. We can build point-to-point or point to multi-point networks with as few as two access points or antennas and up to as many devices needed. Here are a few examples of what ici can do using wireless devices:

  • Connect multiple buildings that require shared network resources where running cable is not feasible. (Construction sitres, school campuses)
  • Permit access to anyone in a specified area. (RV Parks, Hotels/Resorts)
  • Allow free movement of users with mobile computers throughout different rooms/buildings without losing connectivity or having to switch wireless networks, also known as wireless roaming. (Offices/Clinics, Home networks)

Today's options with wireless networking have become vast, and many are surprised at the variety of solutions available using wireless networking components. Basically a clear line of site for connectivity is needed, while minor obstructions can be worked around. If you think wireless networking would be beneficial to you and your company, give us a call at (503) 682-3840. We are happy to discuss options that fit your specific situation.

Computer Network Consultations

Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is undeniably the critical component your business success depends on. ici can provide you with IT support for less than it would cost you to manage your IT in-house, allowing you time to focus on your core business.

ici will visit your office, help you to identify your IT needs, set goals and provide the guidance needed to achieve those goals.

Windows servers and workstations are business-critical components of your network. Once in place, these can be primarily managed remotely with remote management software over the internet.

We have cost-effective programs in nearly any combination to fit your business needs.

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